Puja Tomar comes face-to-face against Anastasia Feofanova ahead of MFN's first-ever all-women's Main Event

_~ MFN 12 will take place on July 1st at Noida Indoor Stadium, Noida ~_

Noida (Aman India) । Ahead of Matrix Fight Night 12th edition, MFN Strawweight Champion Puja Tomar came face-to-face against her opponent Russia's Anastasia Feofanova at a pre-match press conference in Noida Indoor Stadium on Friday. Puja will square off against Anastasia in MFN 12 main event after Brazil's Hugo Paiva missed his weight by 2.2 Kilograms, resulting in Angad Bisht declining the fight to defend his Flyweight championship belt at MFN 12 on Saturday.

Puja Tomar vs. Anastasia Feofanova will be MFN's first-ever all-women's Main Event, while both UFC prospects, Mochamed Machaev vs. Khabibullo Azizov will be in action in the Co-Main Event at Matrix Fight Night 12 on Saturday. 

Addressing the crowd at the MFN 12 Press Conference, *MFN co-founder Ms. Ayesha Shroff promised an action-packed show on Saturday"Despite one of the most anticipated bouts not happening, it still presented an opportunity for us to put out female fighters as main event. It will be the first-time an MFN card will be headlined be two female fighters and this showcases the future for our female fighters in India. MFN 12 will be a cracker of a show with some of the best fighters in action,she said.

*MFN co-founder Krishna Shroff also hyped up the fight card and said*, _"You can see a MMA show being led by two women will now have two female fighters leading a fight card. This is only possible because of the kind of growth that MFN has already seen over the past four years. MFN has become one of the biggest MMA promotions not just in India, but in the world - and that is only possible because of the skilled fighters that we have in our roster. We cannot wait to showcase what we have in store for you tomorrow."_

*Matrix Fight Night 12 Fight Card:*


LIGHTWEIGHT: Gurtej Singh (IND) vs Edukondal Rao (IND) 

STRAWWEIGHT: Sonam Zomba (IND) vs Jojo Rajkumari (IND) 

FEATHERWEIGHT: Dushyant Singh (IND) vs Anthony Syiem (IND) 

FLYWEIGHT: Aminder Bisht (IND) vs Akash (IND) 


BANTAMWEIGHT: Chungreng Koren (IND) vs Chaitanya Gavali (IND) 

FEATHERWEIGHT: Rahul Thapa (IND) vs Avizo Lanamai (IND) 

FEATHERWEIGHT: Shyamanand (IND) vs Mido Mohamed (EGY) 

LIGHTWEIGHT: Neeraj Panghal (IND) vs Digamber Singh Rawat (IND) 

LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT: Pawan Maan (IND) vs Sandeep Dahiya (IND)


FEATHERWEIGHT: Mochamed Machaev (AT) vs Khabibullo Azizov (TJ) - Co Main Event 

STRAWWEIGHT: Puja Tomar (IND) vs Anastasia Feofanova (RU) - Main Event 

_*Matrix Fight Night 12 will take place at the Noida Indoor Stadium, Sector 21, on July 1st and will be live streamed on Disney+Hotstar from 6 PM IST.

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